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lundi 18 février 2008
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26 février 2011
 ricoulou -
je cherche le site c'est un bon forum pour les GPS je le trouve plus ca fait une semaine et je sais pas est-ce qu'il a changé le lien ou le non si qu'il qu'un a des nouvelles il peut m'informer et merci

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oui il se sont fait hackés

Quelques mots de remerciements seront grandement appréciés. Ajouter un commentaire

CCM 65492 internautes nous ont dit merci ce mois-ci

je crois que ce cite pourra taider
Si çà ne te suffit pas, dis moi le :

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this message:

About a month ago, 'demonfatal' (an EX GPSUNDERGROUND Admin),
Received at his home address a letter from TomTom Headquarters...
TomTom asked him to delete everything on the board regarding them....
So that's what demonfatal did!

But GPSUNDERGROUND's owner (gpsu) reacted badly.
When he saw that the TomTom board was getting deleted/Modified by 'DemonFatal'...
And result was, 'gpsu' banned --> 'demonfatal' + his TEAM + any supporters...
But this also resulted in 'gpsu' getting banned from his own forum,
Because of an anonymous hacker that pretty much destroyed everything that GPSUNDERGROUND was...

So 'demonfatal' decided to quit illegal activities and launched a new LEGAL GPS forum (no maps or cracked software etc...)
So that he could still give support to loyal users!!
'demonfatal's New LEGAL Forum is located here -->

Upon seeing this new forum rising,
'gpsu' got mad and decided to rebuild GPSUNDERGROUND using/copying
The exact same board structure that 'demonfatal' used for creating!!!
And also, 'gpsu' even copied 'demonfatal's Forum Banner!!
STOP, don't be fooled by GPSUNDERGROUND!

But good news!!
To create a new forum called NaviTotal!!!
NaviTotal's Forum is located here -->
Over there, you'll receive/enjoy the same professional support from those TEAMS
That once considered GPSUNDERGROUND as their homes!!

So don't waste time!
The BEST GPS FORUM in the WORLD is up and running!!
The TEAMS are waiting for you right here -->

So till we see you register/participate actively in our new home,
We wish you guys all the best!!

-- The Te@M --
... but and look both down today (17 Jul 2011) and is still well alive, pretty active and helpful .