Chanteuse americaine des annees 90 [Résolu/Fermé]

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salut, je cherche le nom d'une chanteuse americaine des annees 90 et qui chante seule avec son guitare,elle est noire
je me rappele juste d'un refrain d'une de ses chansons :"but somme body gona have the answer the time is comming soon"

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Il s'agit de Tracy Chapman

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vendredi 15 août 2008
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17 juillet 2011

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Why do the babies starve
When there's enough food to feed the world
Why when there're so many of us
Are there people still alone
Why are the missiles called peace keepers
When they're aimed to kill
Why is a woman still not safe
When she's in her home

Love is hate
War is peace
No is yes
And we're all free

But somebody's gonna have to answer
The time is coming soon
Admidst all these questions and contradictions
There're some who seek the truth

But somebody's gonna have to answer
The time is coming soon
When the blind remove their blinders
And the speechless speak the truth

de Tracy Chapman - Why?
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samedi 3 mai 2008
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30 décembre 2008
Tracy chapman
bonne chance
moi je cherche un groupe afro americain des années 90 plutot et qui faisait na nana na nanana na na na