Toujour pas recu mon colis commander a cdisco

maquin - 21 août 2007 à 12:25
 patshinko - 5 oct. 2011 à 22:56
bonjour jai commander un ordinateur portable chez cdiscount que j'attent toujour d'ailleur qua me conseiller vous?

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bah déjà quand l'avez vous commandé? car sans cette info on ne peux rien faire...!
im from tunisia and i have problem of get my priority mail from usa , my wife send it from usps and im still wait i have the num code and i do the trucking ;
she send it in 9 sept 2011
in 28 last tucking it was in new york and then i don't get any answer from usps
if same one know hw many time she need to came plz coz i need i