Machine Dell [Fermé]

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mardi 8 janvier 2008
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25 octobre 2020
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la machine indique :
Manufacturing mode : level 67
Press fn-X to return the system to normal running mode
Warning ! bttery is critically low
Hit F1 continue
The computer is docked and only battery power is detected. This can happen if the power adapter is missing, the power cord is unplugged, or the computer is not properly connected to the docking station.
You should undock, redock, attach a power adapter, or plug in the power cord.
Strike the F1 key to shut down
Memory write/read failure at 2FFE1000, read FFFFFFFT3expocting FE11FE11
Memory address line failure at 2FFE0000, read FE11FE11 expecting 01010101
Memory write/read failure at 200307C4, read BBFFEC03expecting EC03EC03
Decreasing available memory
Invalid configuration information- please run setup program