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je cherche désespérément dans quel série ou feuilleton peut- on entendre Baker Street de Gerry Rafferty ( le célèbre aire de saxo ... )
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Appearances in other media

The song is in the introduction to Dave Ramsey's talk radio show, The Dave Ramsey Show, and is in the soundtrack of Good Will Hunting, and appears in the film A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints. It is the song that Lisa is playing in the end of the The Simpsons episode "Lisa's Sax." It was briefly used on BBC Three's How Not To Live Your Life in 2009.

The song was parodied on The Howard Stern Radio Show as a play on producer Gary Dell'Abbate's nickname, Baba Booey. The name Baba Booey is sung to the melody of the sax solo. Alternative ralk radio personality Art Bell frequently uses Baker Street as a bumper song.