AxMiDocView in web application

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My Goal is to create a Windows Forms application that can be used in a WEB environment (ActiveX), and that uses Microsoft Office Document Imaging (COM Reference)

I started by folowing this article and it worked great, i had a windows form application embed in the html object tag, and i can pass/get parameters from this object.

My next step was to add the Microsoft Office Document Imaging, which is a COM Reference/dll, which i added to my Windows Forms project, More specifically what i want to do is use a axMiDocView control to manipulate tif images.

When I run the project from visual studio ( not embed in html object tag) it works nice, but when i put the dlls in the IIS ( myUserControl.dll, AxInterop.MODI, Interop.MODI, Interop.stdole.dll) and call it from the web page, the ActiveX object is not loaded.

My Question is, is it even possible to do what I want? Use an ActiveX object that calls a UserControl made on Windows Forms to be used in a web browser, that uses Microsoft Office Document Imaging ( a COM Reference) ?

I want to apologize for my bad english, and thanks for your time.
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